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MK Shannon

MK's Personal Philosophy

“Awards when presented are just that, something given to someone; it is a prize, an honor. However, once the event is over, and the award has been presented, it will go into someone's home or office. Once that happens, I believe, the award now becomes something more; it becomes a focal point, something that every time it is seen, a wonderful memory is revisited. I consider my awards art in every sense. When I am creating them I want to capture a feeling or attitude so that when you look at my work you will consciously or unconsciously share my vision. The biggest aspect is that I am creating for people, to touch them, to honor them, and to praise them. This is my highest ambition and what I have built my life's work upon. In my heart I am giving and someone out there is receiving and it makes both of our lives richer in that moment.” ~MK
  MK and Jane Goodall

Dr. Jane Goodall, MK and "In Harmony" Award

I rarely have the opportunity to attend various award events where my work is presented. Marika Holmgrem of Organic Events in Half Moon Bay, California invited me to attend the 30th Anniversary gala for the Jane Goodall Institute in Los Angeles. It was a very interesting and exciting experience to create a commissioned award for the JGI. Jane had the final say on the piece and that was the icing on the cake for me. As the photo shows, I did make it to the event and had the honor of meeting Dr. Jane Goodall. What a gracious and amazing woman. Most of us know her outstanding accomplishments, but to meet her and witness her inner beauty and strength had a profound affect on me. I will never forget meeting her; she is awe inspiring!
  MK with Annika Sorenstam

MK, Annika Sorenstam and "Perfection" Award

I watched Annika win the LPGA Twelve Bridges Tournament in Northern California where she was presented with my custom award design, Perfection. It was the second award designed by me that Annika had won. The first was the LPGA Chysler-Plymouth Tournament of Champions in Florida. Annika was so kind to take the time to pose for this photo. She is a warm and super talented athlete and I am proud to have this photo of her with me.
  MK with Champion Swing

MK with Model of "Champion Swing" Award

The model you see here is made of bondo sculpted on wire. It is then filed, sanded, and sanded some more before several coats of primer are applied and the piece is sanded once again before it is ready for molding. This was the first piece I had been asked to design for an LPGA event. It was for the Chysler-Plymouth Tournament of Champions in Florida. Annika Sorenstam was the tournament winner and the piece was used as the logo for the event on each flag for all eighteen holes and as the logo on TV. It was wild to see my design being used by the TV program designers and to watch the tournment on TV.
  MK and Stargazer

MK with "Stargazer" Award

After years of designing and creating sculptures of stars that "fit the budget", I wanted to create a piece that expressed the star concept with a figure that was not limited by anything but my imagination. This piece is 17 inches tall. The figure is actually reaching beyond the "stars" toward the possibilities held by the future. You could say I made this award for myself. I sold the copyright a few months later to the American Media and Entertainment Counsel in Los Angeles for their awards gala. I'm glad it found a good home.