MK Shannon Awards
Award Spotlight

Vision Award

I set about creating an award that would be presented to SCH's million dollar donors to thank them and honor their contribution. The piece represents SCH and the donor in relationship to the children that are served through their efforts. Consequently in this figure you see a large figure, an adult ,lifting a smaller figure, a child, up above its head. The figures are seamless, one becoming the other. The arms of the adult become the legs of the child. Symbolically, I find this piece very expressive and meaningful. The arms of the child are thrown open in joy and also thrown open to the future, a future that might not be there without the support and love of the adult below it. The adult figure is not stiff or stoic; it is full of movement and that can be seen as enthusiasm or excitement, devotion, and/or passion. There can be no greater gift that those we give from ourselves for children.