MKShannon Awards
Visionary Award


Visionary Award

Artist: MK Shannon
Item #SS-64

Available in Pewter, Silver or Gold plating

Dimensions: 9.5" H
(including marble base)

Prices: Metal surcharges fluctuate on a daily basis. Please call for current pricing.

Artist’s Notes:
Every company, foundation, or organization needs people who have a vision of its purpose and path. These individuals are often the founders or heads of the organization they serve. There are also those individuals who identify so strongly with their job that they take on the role of a visionary within the organization. They are the ones who reach toward the future and envision the possibilities. This award is titled "Visionary". The twisted figure represents the challenges faced, the dedication, and the commitment to move forward against all odds. The faceted crystal symbolizes the notion of change. Change comes in many forms and it is often the visionary within a company who heralds its importance and implementation. This unique award honors those individuals.