MKShannon Awards
Giving Heart award


Giving Heart Award

Artist: MK Shannon
Item #MKC-81

Available in Pewter, Silver or Gold plating

Dimensions: 14" H
(including marble base)

Prices: Metal surcharges fluctuate on a daily basis. Please call for current pricing.

Artist’s Notes:
There are 3 images that compose this sculpture. One is the world, one is the heart, and one is a figure. The figure represents an individual or organization. The heart represents the heart of giving individuals and the act of giving. The world represents the world we live inand all the different people and countries that make up the world.

The world is central to this image and appears suspended in space. The figure is reaching out to the world with tremendous effort and energy and the arms of the figure are forming a heart that represents the giving spirit moving over the world. It is this spirit that will change the world.